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Brake Service & Repairs

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Affordable brake service and repairs at Midland Brake and Clutch!

It goes without saying, fully functioning brakes are integral to the safety of all road users. It is essential your brakes are service and repaired by experienced qualified technicians. Midland Tune and Service Centre, also known as Midland Brake and Clutch, are that team. We only use the highest quality brake parts, new, genuine or exchanged. We have access to Australia’s best quality and leading parts and brands, for brake service repairs or upgrades.

We do not compromise! Your life is in our hands.

Services we provide:

  • Master Cylinder or Booster Cylinder replacement
  • Pad and Shoe replacement
  • Disc and Drum Machining 
  • Disc / Rotors or Hubs replacement
  • Handbrake service and repairs
  • Caliper servicing and overhaul 
  • Wheel cylinder replacement and service
  • Brake Line Repairs or replacement
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Brake upgrades
  • Wheel bearings maintenance and repairs

Book with Midland Brake and Clutch for a fully guaranteed brake service and repairs in Perth.

We give you a 12 months or 20,000kms warranty on all parts AND labour.

Signs Your Brakes Needs a
Service or Repair

One of the signs there is an issue with brakes is that they screen or squeal when being used. Other common signs that there’s something wrong with your car’s brakes include:

  • Brake pedal suddenly feels spongy
  • Pulsating or shuddering through the vehicle when braking
  • A grinding or screeching sound when braking
  • Car veers when using brakes
  • Car is taking longer to stop than usual 
  • Handbrake does not hold the car when stopped
  • Car’s brake warning light is illuminated

We have experience in all vehicles including sedans, SUVs and 4WDs. Our Midland team will conduct an inspection of your brakes to determine what your brakes need to keep your family safe on the Perth roads.

Book an inspection at Midland Tune and Service Centre if you are experiencing brake problems. If it’s been a while since your brakes were last inspected, contact the team at Midland Tune and Service Centre, Midland Brake & Clutch on (08) 9250 2795, [email protected] or online to book an inspection and assessment now!

As one of Midland’s leading brake and repair workshops, we provide affordable, fast and reliable brake service and repairs for all individuals and families in Perth. Our qualified team of mechanics and technicians will get your brake system fully operational backed up with our 12 month / 20,000kms warranty on all parts and labour!

Brake Service & Repairs

Q: How can I tell if my brakes need servicing or need to be repaired?

A: Your brakes should be checked at every service. The brakes are checked every service at Midland Tune & Service Centre.

If you experience any of the following, book a brake check with us soon. 

  • Shudder in the car or steering wheel when braking
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Noises when braking
  • Changes to the brake pedal when used
  • Increased time to a complete stop when braking

Q: How often should I have my brakes checked?

A: This is should be done every 6 months during a service.