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Alternator Replacement

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Best Alternator Replacement Mechanic in Perth

If you are having issues with your car alternator, our mechanics is the team to look for when it comes to alternator replacement in Perth. Midland Tune and Service Centre is the leading car specialist offering affordable and reliable alternator replacement services in Midland and throughout Perth. We service a full range of car repairs and services at the most competitive prices. Given over 45 years of experience in servicing individuals and families throughout the local region, we are the go-to team when it comes to alternator replacement servicing.

Midland Tune & Service Centre gives importance when it comes to the general maintenance of all makes and models. We aim to provide quality service to all our clients since we want to keep every vehicle safe and working efficiently on Perth roads. As such, our professional team is always available to offer the best solution for your car and provide the necessary assistance for all your mechanic needs.

How Important Is The Alternator?

A car battery, a voltage regulator, and an alternator make up the charging system of the vehicle. Your alternator uses an alternating current to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator’s stator and rotor, function as magnets and revolve to produce alternating electricity.

Replacing a faulty alternator is important since this can make your car’s performance more efficient. When your alternator is malfunctioning, you may frequently notice that your car’s lights are fading when you are travelling a good distance. This is a big indicator that there might be something wrong with your alternator that needs to be checked and resolved quickly. If not, your battery will be fully drained – requiring its replacement and resulting in a costly service.

Our Midland Tune and Service Centre team provides alternator repairs for all cars including 4WDs and SUVs, for most makes and models. At our workshop, we will determine which of the following services are necessary for your car and work with you on solutions.

  • Complete alternator replacements
  • Upgrading alternator kits
  • Battery voltage analysis
  • Examine the condition of the bearings and the pulleys

Depending on the manufacturer, model, and particular repair part, alternator replacement costs may vary. At Midland Tune and Service Centre, before starting any work on your car, our mechanics will present you with upfront information about the issue, our proposed solution and an estimate of how much everything can cost. This can help you manage costs and assist you in determining whether it will be more cost-effective in the long run to repair a part or replace your alternator entirely.

All of our components come from reliable suppliers at affordable costs. We only utilize genuine alternator replacement parts and kits, whatever will provide you with the best performance and the longest alternator life for your car. Our staff at Midland Tune & Service Centre will make every effort to help you with your automobile parts so you can keep going on Perth’s road.

Cheap Alternator Kits vs Genuine Replacements

There are cheap alternator replacement kits available in Australia and the cost may vary depending on your car’s make and model. But also keep in mind that they are not always good replacements due to their materials. It is always vital to choose the right materials for your car’s general maintenance. With 45 years of experience here at Midland Tune and Service Centre, we do it right with the best parts the first time and save you thousands of dollars. We can also give you a Warranty of 12 months and/or 20,000kms on all parts and labour for your new alternator.

When to Service or Repair Your Alternator

If your dashboard displays the battery warning light, it’s crucial to have your electrical system checked right away because your battery power may have been depleted. This can cause the voltage in your system to fluctuate, which would seriously harm the electronics in your car. Other indicators that your alternator needs a replacement include:

  • Electrical system abnormalities
  • Fault in headlights
  • Engine problems
  • Unusual sounds and smells in your engine
  • Dead Battery

It’s critical to take quick action if you spot any of the warning signs mentioned above. If you act quickly and get a prompt repair from experienced professionals, you’ll be back on the road safely and effectively. Alternator problems only get worse the longer you wait. Your alternator servicing and other auto repairs can be scheduled with Midland Tune and Service Centre.

Bring Your Car to Midland Tune and Service Centre, Experienced Alternator Specialists in Midland and Perth

If you’re experiencing an issue with your alternator, contact the team at Midland Tune and Service Centre on (08) 9250 2795. In addition, we also offer clutch replacement and other mechanic services. You may send us an email at [email protected] or online to book an inspection and assessment! As one of Midland’s experienced workshops, our qualified team of mechanics and technicians will get your alternator system fully operational. In addition, we are also backed up with our 12 month / 20,000kms warranty on parts and labour!


For Alternator Replacement enquiries, please get in touch with us through the form below or call  (08) 9250 2795 to book a mechanic.