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Safety Check

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Get Midland Tune and Service to conduct a safety inspection of your car before the issues start!

Car safety inspections or car safety checks are not only needed before going on a long trip! Rather, inspections and maintenance should be an annual part of your vehicle’s upkeep. Bring your car to Midland Tune and Service Centre and get a car safety inspection before the dealer warranty expires. Do not put your safety at risk, let us inspect your vehicle before the issues start and before your safety is at risk. 

Our licensed Midland mechanics and experienced workshop inspects most family vehicles and makes and models including Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. Regardless if it’s brand new or second hand, as an authorised mechanic, Midland Tune and Service Centre can conduct a comprehensive car safety inspection on your vehicle under warranty.

Our car safety inspections are comprehensive and include the following items:

  • All engine oil and other fluid checks
  • Oil leak inspection
  • Radiator check, cap, hoses
  • Checking visible belts and check for timing belt records
  • Vehicle steering and suspension inspection
  • Checking tyres and tyre pressures
  • Inspection of brakes and handbrake
  • Checking if the car battery and vehicle driving lights are operational
  • Transmission check for leaks and report operation at the time of inspection
  • Clutch inspection
  • Checking if the speedometer is operational
  • Examining if Windscreen wipers and washers are operational
  • Checking for structural rust
  • Testing if seat mounting and adjustments are operational
  • Immobilizer operational

During our standard service and safety check we can identify any wear and tear with a vehicle that left undetected can cause issues and expensive repairs. Any issues which are identified during the service will be reported to you for your records. If the issue is dangerous, we will notify you immediately.

The following second-hand vehicles are covered by a statutory warranty when bought from a dealer.

Passenger cars and derivatives, including:

  • Off-road passenger four-wheel drives (two rows of seats)
  • Station wagons and dual-cab utes (including four-wheel drives)
  • Vans seating not more than 9 people

A statutory warranty does not cover:

  • routine services
  • tune-ups
  • batteries
  • tyres (however, tyres must be roadworthy at the time of sale)
  • Accessories

Please visit this page to see a visual of the items covered by warranty and fit for purpose laws.

Time frames of the Dealers Warranty on your second hand car.

Midland Tune and Service Centre encourages yearly car safety inspections. This can ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and working properly despite not experiencing obvious vehicle problems. If you are looking for a complete car safety inspection in Midland, conducted by licensed mechanics in Perth to comply with your dealer warranty, bring your vehicle to Midland Tune and Service Centre today! 

Contact the friendly team at Midland Tune and Service Centre on (08) 9250 2795, [email protected] or online to schedule your car safety inspection before your warranty expires.


For Car Safety Inspection enquiries in Midland and surrounding Perth suburbs, please get in touch with us through the form below or call  (08) 9250 2795 to book a mechanic.