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Oil Leaks &
Engine Fluid

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Let Midland Tune and Service repair your vehicle oil and fluid leaks before they cost you!

Before the oil from your engine is found on your Perth driveway and covers your engine, the team at Midland Tune and Service Centre can identify the source of the oil or fluid leak. By doing so, we will help you save money and stress in the process! Engine oil, power steering fluid leaking from the engine initially is not a concern for most vehicle owners, there is no discernible damage, the oil leak may not even be visible if the leak is at the bottom of the engine.

Power steering fluid or engine oil leaking from the vehicle’s engine block is the beginning of future problems for your car. Engine oil begins to damage every non-metal component in your vehicle.

Engine oil deteriorates the rubber engine mounts, coolant hoses, drive belts and air-con and power steering belts causing rubber components to fail, costing you time off the road and repairs to maintain vehicle safety. The oil leaks not repaired will continue to seep oil and now damage the new non-metal components. This cycle can be avoided for you by the team of qualified technicians at Midland Tune and Service Centre.

While oil leaks can seem minor, the leak can unexpectedly become serious. If the seal or gasket fails, the engine may run out of oil. Worst case scenario, the engine can seize, costing thousands of dollars for repair or replacement.

We only use the appropriate fluids for your vehicle

The science of motor vehicle oils today is complex and varied. At Midland Tune and Service Centre, we will only use the correct oil that meets the specifications set by the manufacturer of your car to protect your engine and ensure its maximum life. We use Australian Owned Penrite Oil in your vehicle. Penrite is 100% Australian owned and managed for its entire 90 years.

All oils have a maximum life span. For engine oil, we follow the recommended period to change oils as stated in your log book. The average lifespan for engine oil is approximately 6 months or 8000 to 10,000kms. Oil also has a shelf life, which is why even vehicles travelling low kilometres should change the oil regularly.

By having your car serviced regularly at Midland Tune and Service, you have peace of mind the oils in your vehicle are able to protect your engine, transmission etc from the constant wear and tear of continuously moving parts of metal against metal and the high temperature that breaks down the oils. (Think the burnt oil on the side of your oil pan at home.)

Vehicles that do not get the oil changed regularly are being damaged every kilometre. The engine will start to “burn” oil. Some vehicles’ high engine heat is known to “cook” oil quickly and produces “sludge” that blocks oil from moving freely around the engine. This can then eventually seize the engine completely.

Bring your car to Midland Tune and Service Centre!

At Midland Tune and Service Centre, we check all your oils and fluid every service. We will identify oil leaks and discover dirty transmission oil that needs changing. Our mechanics shall also check your brake fluid to ensure that it has not deteriorated. Coolant that has too much water will be addressed to not rust core the plugs in your engine. We will report these issues to you, allowing you to plan and prevent damage to your vehicle saving you time and money.

Contact the friendly team at Midland Tune and Service Centre on (08) 9250 2795. Alternatively, you can send us an email at [email protected] or drop us a message via our online form to schedule your next service and have the right fluid(s) protecting your engine.

Oil and Engine Fluid Leaks

Q: What causes an oil leak?

A: Seals and gaskets are made of various substances, for example, cork, rubber, or glue. The heat from the engine operation every use is aging and deteriorating your seals and gaskets. During every service at Midland Tune & Service Centre, we inspect your vehicle for all leaks of all engine fluids not just oil leaks. Our mechanics will take note of these in the vehicle report for your information. The team at Midland Tune & Service Centre can produce a free quote for repairs of any leaks.

Q: What causes an engine fluid leak?

A: Your vehicle has many “fluids” and grease for operation, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, transmission oils etc and coolant. Fluid leaks are mostly caused by the aging of components, such as seals, plastic parts, clamps loosening with time. Engine fluids are damaging to your vehicle’s rubber and plastic parts, such as engine mounts, radiator hoses and wiring harnesses. Repairs to engine fluid leaks while the leaks are minor saves you time and money. If you believe you have a fluid leak, don’t hesitate to call our professional and experienced team! 

Q: How much does it cost to fix an oil/engine leak?

A: This would depend on where the leak is, the extent of the damage and the replacement parts needed. At Midland Tune & Service Centre, we use genuine seals and refill your vehicle with (Australian Owned) Penrite Oil products.

Q: Can I stop my oil leak with a DIY solution?

A: We don’t recommend DIY stop leak additives. While some additives may provide short term “fixes”, leaking seals and gaskets made of rubber will continue to deteriorate. These will eventually fail completely at some point, potentially causing catastrophic engine damage. Save time and money by having a licensed mechanic from Midland Tune & Service Centre repair your minor leaks before they cause further issues.


For enquiries regarding Engine Oil Leaks in Midland and surrounding Perth suburbs, please get in touch with us through the form below or call  (08) 9250 2795 to book a mechanic.