Battery Testing & Replacement

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Keep your car battery charged and healthy with Midland Tune and Service!

A car’s battery provides the energy that is utilised to start your starter motor and ignition system. The battery is also required to operate your ECU, the system responsible for operating the increased technology based components of your vehicle. Safe to say that a car battery is essential. At Midland Tune and Service, we ensure your car battery health and prevent related issues that stop you from being on the Perth roads!

As per every other component and part within an automobile, a battery has a lifespan. The actual lifespan of your battery is influenced by several factors. Issues such as electrical shorts and corroded cables can cause damage to the battery over time. Additionally, actions that may cause detrimentally impact your battery, include:

  • Not using the car regularly 
  • Accidentally leaving the lights on when the car is not is use (interior or exterior) 
  • An excessive amount of short trips taken  (the battery is not recharging properly

The Midland Tune and Service Centre team will quickly diagnose any problem with your battery. Our fully licensed technicians in Midland will assess your car battery health and will report if issues to you. We can replace your battery with one that’s suitable for your car if required. Contact the friendly MTSC team on (08) 9250 2795 or online to get your car batteries back to 100%!