Scanning & Fault Diagnosis

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Check your vehicle’s health with our car scan and fault diagnosis solutions in Midland!

Are you currently experiencing an unknown issue with your car? Is the ‘Engine’ light on, or any warning light illuminated on the dash? Our team at Midland Tune and Service Centre will scan the vehicle to discover what’s wrong with the car! Utilising leading diagnostic equipment and technology, we will scan your car’s fault codes from its ECU to begin the diagnosis and repair the fault.

WARNING: Backyard mechanics and do-it-yourself repairers with scan tools can damage your vehicle!

Attempting to diagnose scan results by untrained persons and resetting ECU codes the backyard mechanic can not resolve could damage your vehicle costing thousands to repair.

With up to date in-house equipment and decades of experience, our licensed and qualified technicians will identify your car’s faulty system. An ECU scan saves time and money eliminating the hundreds of components that are not faulty other mechanics have to check one by one.

Rough running – caused by for example spark plugs and coil packs or a stretched timing chain will not spend hours in our workshop while we investigate possible fuel issues. Our modern scanning equipment provides the information our experienced technicians need to find most faults with the minimum of wasted time.

Signs Your Car Needs Scanning and Fault Diagnosis

Often, a warning light is the first sign of an issue. However, not all issues will ignite a fault code.

With decades of experience, the technicians at Midland Tune and Service Centre know when a scan is needed, saving you time and money. Here are some signs that your car should undertake a fault diagnosis.

  • Your car isn’t performing as it should
  • Check engine light is on all the time, is blinking or illuminating intermittently 
  • Other dash warning lights are on  
  • Car is running roughly

Please check your Owners Manual (also available online) if any Warning Lights are lit for recommended driving behaviour. Eg, Continue to drive the car to perform a Catalytic Convertor Burn, or Turn the Engine off as soon as possible.

When it comes to your car experiencing faults, we believe that it’s better to check your car’s ECU information than guess. By diagnosing any issue in the earlier stages, we can help prevent damage and the expense of leaving it unresolved. Call (08) 9250 2795 or connect with MTSC at or online to schedule a car fault diagnosis test with leading mechanics in Midland!