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Power Steering Service &
Repairs in Midland

At Midland Tune and Service Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable and reliable power steering service and repairs for local individuals and families.  

Our workshop team of licenced highly experienced technicians mean we provide leading power steering services and repairs to Midland and surrounding areas. We offer power steering service that supports most makes and models of cars including 4WDs. The service  is unique to the condition of the power steering system.

Signs Your Power Steering Needs
a Service or Repair

A lack of ability (either heavy or loose) to control your car’s steering often indicates an issue with the system. Other signs there is an issue with your power steering system before you feel a difference in handling are leaks from the system. A regular Vehicle Lube service at Midland Tune and Service Centre will identify leaks before costly repairs are needed.

If you’re currently experiencing an issue with your power steering, please contact Midland Tune and Service at (08) 9250 2795 or email at enquiries@mtsc.net.au Our team will get your vehicle steering repaired as quickly as possible at an affordable price.