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Radiators & Cooling Systems

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Midland Tune and Service Centre is the Perth team you can trust for Radiator Repairs that keep your engine cool!

A radiator is responsible for transferring the heat from the fluid inside a car’s engine to outside of it thereby keeping the engine cool. An overheated engine can cause many issues with the worst of them being an overheated engine that cracks the head of the engine resulting in large repair costs. If you are looking for a trusted radiator service or repair specialist in Perth, Midland Tune and Service Centre is the team to trust. At Midland Tune and Service, we are experienced in all types of radiator and cooling system servicing and repairs. 

Midland Tune and Service Centre will keep your engine running coolly and effectively through our leading radiator and cooling system service and repairs. As skilled mechanics who are up to date with the latest technology, we provide radiator services and repairs throughout Perth for all makes and models of cars and 4WDs, including Audi, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. Our competitive pricing and effective solutions make our workshop the leading choice for radiator services and cooling system solutions in Perth, Western Australia. 

Our local and fully qualified team are capable of delivering a range of different radiator repairs and cooling engine solutions including:

  • Radiator and Cooling System Service
  • Coolant flush (to avoid damage from watery/weak coolant)
  • Pressure testing
  • (Water) Coolant pump replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Coolant leak detection and repairs
  • Cooling Hoses replacement
  • Radiator Cap checked
  • Radiator replacement

Signs that your car radiator and cooling system need repairing 

If your car seems to overheat easily despite only driving short distances, there is something wrong with your cooling system. If your car temperature is running colder than usual this also indicates there is a problem with your cooling system. If the radiator Expansion Tank (Coolant Reservoir) is full, but the radiator is low, this is a sure sign that there is a problem that will risk your engine experiencing serious damage and costly repairs.

Radiator hoses and cooling system hoses harden with age, and over time will allow coolant to weep from the hose risking your engine. If your vehicle sits unused, if you’re sitting in stop-start traffic, or if you are planning a long trip, make sure to have your radiator checked and serviced regularly to avoid mishaps on the road. 

Signs to indicate there could be an issue with your vehicle radiator or cooling system:

  • Coolant stains in the engine bay
  • Engine fan running more than normal
  • Expansion (reservoir) tank full but radiator level low
  • Expansion (reservoir) tank level low or discoloured
  • Coolant discolouration or not changed at the manufacturer’s specified times
  • Engine temperature rising faster than usual or overheating
  • Engine temperature below normal or slow to reach operating temperature
  • Interior heater (dash) not blowing hot

Midland Tune and Service Centre is your trusted Perth auto mechanic 

As an automobile workshop with over 45 years of experience, Midland Tune and Service Centre provides radiator repairs that Perth can rely on. If you are searching for a trusted and affordable radiator specialist near you, Midland Tune and Service Centre is the workshop for you! Contact the friendly MTSC team at (08) 9250 2795 or email us on [email protected] for an affordable, reliable and premium radiator and cooling system service. 

Radiators & Cooling Systems

Q: What does a car radiator do?

A: A radiator is responsible for reducing the temperature of the coolant in your vehicle. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine block as it is pumped around the motor and through the radiator to prevent the engine from overheating. If your engine temperature gauge is quick to reach operating temperature (on short drives, in cool conditions), or gets too hot (above operating temp) bring your vehicle to a Midland Tune and Service Centre for a radiator check. 

Q: How can I make sure my radiator runs without any issues?

A: Regular servicing with a skilled mechanic who checks for leaks, coolant levels every service. Check coolant levels in your radiator, not just the expansion tank often during Australia’s Summer, check your dash temperature gauge while you driving, and changing the coolant completely as recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: What are the signs of a damaged radiator?

A: When your vehicle is overheating or if your internal dash heater is not working properly, your cooling system is likely to be damaged. This could be caused by a damaged radiator or damage to water pumps, thermostats, hoses or leaks and there is reduced coolant in the system. Come to Midland Tune & Service Centre to correctly diagnose any issues and for repairs to your Cooling system.

Q: How long does the average radiator last?

A: An average radiator can last up to 8 years. With regular Servicing of your vehicle wear and aging, issues are identified during the Service. At Midland Tune & Service Centre we check for any signs of leaks, and damage every service not just when you already have a problem.