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Warranty & Log Book Service

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Affordable log book service in Midland that keeps your new car’s warranty!

In order to maintain your new car warranty, the vehicle must be serviced following the Log Book Schedule by licensed and qualified technicians, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is important to check your Log Book from the manufacturer to ensure your vehicle is serviced as required and on time.

We are licensed and authorised to provide your log book service, and we are licensed to stamp your Log Book to maintain a new car’s warranty. Midland Tune and Service offers affordable log book services to comply with a manufacturer’s specifications. We don’t believe in compromise; we use only high-quality parts and oils. Our Midland licensed and registered technicians work hard to give you the best service, at competitive pricing. Your vehicle is serviced by fully licensed qualified and more experienced mechanics than most dealerships, ensuring we provide the highest quality work.

We also give you accurate information about any issues with your vehicle, giving you peace of mind, time and all the information you need about any problems with your 4WD, so issues can be fixed by the manufacturer before your warranty expires.

Beyond the New Car Warranty – Why have a Log Book Service?

The log book service is the manufacturer recommended schedule to check, repair, and or replace components of your vehicle. The manufacturer has the correct information to predict the expected lifespan of each component of your vehicle. So by continuing a log book service schedule throughout the entire life of the vehicle you should avoid costly breakdowns, prevent vehicle issues and have your car operating safely for many years.

Midland Tune and Service Centre’s  licenced Log Book service will also help maintain your vehicle value for resale or trade-ins.  Buyers are confident your vehicle is unlikely to experience breakdowns or failures when you have followed the Manufacturers Log Book Service Schedule and the log book is completed and up to date helping to maintain the value of your vehicle.

A Major Log Book Service is:

  • Replacing/servicing items such as spark plugs, transmission oils, drive belts etc as the Manufacturer stipulates.

This varies with every make and model (check your log book).

A Standard Lube Service or Interim Log Book Service is:

  • Changing the engine oil and the oil filter
  • Check all other oils and fluids, and topping up (where required)
  • Check radiator hoses.
  • Check vehicle steering
  • Check suspensions 
  • Inspecting brakes 
  • Check exhaust and report
  • Check transmission fluid, transfer fluid
  • Check (external) engine belts, aircon, drive belt etc
  • Check all external lights – indicators, park, high and low beam headlights, registration
  • Check windscreen wiper blades and operation and washers and washer fluid
  • Battery test and report
  • Reset Service Lights
  • Check tyre pressure and wear – including the spare
  • Torquing all wheels to the manufacturer’s exact specifications
  • Midland Tune & Service Centre Safety Check Results
  • Free Car wash and vacuum

Is your Log Book missing?

MTSC has the log book schedule for all makes and models.

Contact Midland Tune and Service Centre at (08) 9250 2795, [email protected] or online to schedule your new car’s next service! As a leading workshop in Midland you can trust, we are the Perth team to call when it comes to log book servicing for all your vehicles.