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Battery Testing & Replacement

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Keep your car battery health 100% with Midland Tune & Service Centre Battery Car Replacement!

A car’s battery is one of the most important parts of your car because it is the source of power that provides the energy that is utilised to start your starter motor and ignition system. The battery is also required to operate your ECU, the system responsible for operating the increased technology-based components of your vehicle. Safe to say that a car battery is essential that is why Midland Tune & Service Centre gives importance to every battery car on Perth’s road. Now, know when to have a battery car replacement.

Most people neglect the importance of changing their car’s batteries to avoid costs but this can do more harm than good. All car batteries have a lifespan of generally approximately 3 years but most people are risking it and letting it go out to four or five years. At Midland Tune and Service, we ensure your car battery health and prevent related issues that stop you from being on the Perth roads! We highly recommend visiting our shop to have a general look at your car’s battery life and know when to have a battery car replacement.

Causes and Signs When to Have a Battery Car Replacement

As per every other component and part within an automobile, a battery has a lifespan of approximately 3 years. The actual lifespan of your battery is influenced by several factors. Issues such as electrical shorts and corroded cables can cause damage to the battery over time. Additionally, actions that may cause detrimentally impact your battery, include:

  • Not using the car regularly 
  • Accidentally leaving the lights on when the car is not in use (interior or exterior) 
  • An excessive amount of short trips taken  (the battery is not recharging properly)
  • Loss of water for normal charging due to lack of maintenance
  • Incorrect installation

Paying attention to these causes will save you a lot of time and money and will keep your car battery health 100%. With our batter car replacement service, Midland Tune and Service Centre team will quickly diagnose any problem with your battery. Our fully licensed technicians in Midland will assess your car battery health and will report if issues to you with free estimates for car service and repairs. We stock and supply Bosch Batteries with a 3-year guarantee and we can replace your battery with one that’s suitable for your car if required.

Cost of Battery Car Replacement

The cost of battery car replacement depends on the size of the car, plus additional fees for installation. If you want to know which battery your particular model or kind of car needs, contact the friendly Midland Tune and Service Centre team on (08) 9250 2795 or online to get your car batteries back to 100%! Please get in touch with us to book an appointment. 

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Battery Car Replacement

Q: Why do batteries fail?

A: All car batteries have a lifespan, generally approx 3 years. If you leave your light on often, do not use your car regularly or only use it for short drives, this can also cause the battery to lose its effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan.

Q: Will going for a drive help charge my flat battery?

A: Your car battery is only charged when the engine is running. If you only take short trips or you do not drive often your battery will lose charge. To avoid a flat battery, make sure that you drive regularly, at least weekly and a long drive over 30 minutes once a month is ideal.

Q: How often should I replace my car battery?

A: Your car’s battery is responsible for starting your engine and powering the ECU of your vehicle, it’s important to always check its condition. During every service at Midland Tune & Service Centre, your car battery is replaced.  your car battery is tested to check the battery “health”. We stock and supply Bosch Batteries with a 3-year guarantee if your battery fails.

Q: How much does car battery replacement cost?

A: Depending on the size of the car, batteries in Australia typically range in price from $80 to $200 plus installation fees. Get in touch with our team today to check the right model for your battery car replacement.

Q: Are car batteries covered under warranty?

A: The battery is typically not covered by the dealer or used-car warranties, only by those provided by the battery’s manufacturer. Midland Tune & Service Centre recommends checking the receipt from your purchase or getting more information from the salesperson of your automobile to determine whether your car battery is covered by warranty.


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