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Ensure Your Car’s Safety and Performance
Through Major Car Services in Perth!

Midland Tune and Service Centre team has the experience and expertise when it comes to quality car servicing in Midland and surrounding suburbs in Perth. Our car service categories are divided into minor and major car services for every Perth vehicle. All major and minor maintenance is timed differently for different automobile types and models, and each service has a different set of tasks that are completed.

The most detailed and complete type of car service is a major car service. All of the parts included in the basic and comprehensive car services are included, along with a manufacturer-recommended inspection, also called a logbook service of your vehicle’s operating systems and all of its components.

What Does Major Car Service Include?

Midland Tune and Service Centre’s major car services frequently require more thorough inspections and upkeep of your car to make sure none of the important parts are broken or malfunctioning. Not being able to check these vital parts of your vehicle may lead to potential damage and future issues which can result in costly repairs. 

From your vehicle’s spark plug, filter, oil, and other component inspections, our technicians will examine each part closely to check if it needs servicing.

Know What Type of Service Your Car Needs

Delayed car services have devastating consequences that will risk your car’s health and safety on Perth roads. That being said, it is essential to have a general check-up for your car to keep it running efficiently anywhere and at all times. It is also essential that you explain what issue you are experiencing to our technicians so they can provide you with the appropriate service your vehicle needs.

Getting the right service for your car’s maintenance has significant advantages. Our mechanic can inform you of what car part is beginning to wear out, what needs to be replaced immediately, and what is in good condition. Also, knowing that your vehicle is a dependable and safe mode of transportation, you may drive it with confidence anywhere in Australia.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

A car service is a maintenance inspection that is conducted on a vehicle at specified intervals (at least once a year) or after a specific amount of miles have been driven. You must stick to the service schedule that the manufacturer has created in order to specify the maintenance intervals and avoid delaying the service your car needs which can result in more issues in the future.

Generally, car manufacturers typically advise servicing a car either every:

  • 12,000 miles or
  • every 12 months, whichever comes first.

There are many variations to this schedule depending on the vehicle’s make and model, thus it’s essential to consult the vehicle manual to learn about the service intervals.

Full Car Services in Midland and Perth

Bringing your car to technicians for major car services can be worthwhile as it is the best way to maintain your vehicle’s peak performance and to ensure your safety on any road. Avoiding such essential services may lead to your car’s poor performance which not only leads to higher repair costs but also risks your security while driving your car.

If you are looking for major car services in Midland or Perth, our friendly and expert technicians are always available and ready to have an in-depth inspection of your car’s general condition to check what is the right service for your vehicle.

Call our team on (08) 9250 2795 or send an online enquiry to schedule major car services with the top mechanics in Midland and Perth!