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Clutch Service & Replacement

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Midland Brake and Clutch are leading clutch replacement and repair specialists nearby!

With over 45 years of experience in servicing individuals and families throughout the local Midland region, we are the team for clutch repairs and replacements.

Our Midland team provides clutch repairs for all cars including 4WDs and SUV’s, for most makes and models. At our workshop, we will determine which of the following solutions are necessary for your car and work with you for solutions.

  • Clutch Service 
  • Complete clutch replacements
  • Upgrading clutch kits

We can replace Dual Mass, Single Mass clutches, or conversions from Dual to Single mass, we can install Heavy Duty clutches, whatever you’re driving or vehicle needs. Our friendly team will consult with you to ensure you get the best clutch for your vehicle the first time, every time.

What your vehicle is used for determines the best clutch for you. Clutches are not Clutches. We use only EXEDY or Genuine clutch replacement parts and kits, whichever will give you the best results and the longest life from your new clutch in your vehicle.

There are cheaper clutch kits available in Australia, with 45 year’s experience here at Midland Brake and Clutch we do it right, with the right parts the first time and save you thousands of dollars. That’s why we can give you a Warranty of 12 months and/or 20,000kms on all parts and labour for your new clutch.

Signs Your Clutch Needs
a Service or Repair

A delay when shifting gears is one of the most common signs that a car’s clutch needs a service, repair or worse, replacement. Other signs that indicate a possible issue, include:

  • Clutch is slipping or sticking 
  • Clutch feels hard and you need to apply greater pressure to make the clutch work 
  • Car is shaking or rumbling 
  • Car isn’t going into all gears smoothly
  • Car starts revving higher with no increase in speed, even in neutral
  • Burning smell
NOTE* A Clutch replacement is a high labour time repair, so at Midland Brake and Clutch, we recommend replacing the rear main seal of your vehicle during a clutch replacement so there are savings for you. We do not want to waste your time and money removing your new clutch a few months later to repair the oil leaking from your rear main seal that not long after may develop leaks that could cost you the engine and thousands of dollars.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your clutch, contact the team at Midland Tune and Service Centre, Midland Brake & Clutch on (08) 9250 2795, [email protected] or online to book an inspection and assessment! As one of Midland’s most experienced workshops, our qualified team of mechanics and technicians will get your clutch system fully operational backed up with our 12 month / 20,000kms warranty on parts and labour!

Transmission and Clutch Service & Replacements

Q: What clutch options are available for my vehicle?

A: Our team of qualified mechanics can remove and replace manual clutch assemblies and automatic transmissions when yours has failed. The admin team can discuss with you the various clutch options available for your vehicle, for example, replacing with O.E (original equipment specifications) or upgrading for the off-road adventures or towing, your vehicle is used for.

Q: How long does a clutch replacement take?

A: Every vehicle is designed differently. There is no one size fits all for transmission replacements. When you call Midland Tune & Service Centre we will discuss the timeframes involved to replace your automatic transmission or clutch. You need your vehicle back on the road and we work with you to achieve this in a timely manner. 

Q: How often should I change my clutch fluid?

A: A clutch fluid should be changed at least every two years to make sure that your vehicle drives smoothly. But if you feel like the clutch is sticking or you need to exert more pressure in changing gears, have your clutch fluid checked. Your clutch fluid is checked at every service at Midland Tune & Service Centre.

Q: How much does it cost to replace my damaged clutch?

A: At Midland Tune & Service Centre, we will provide you with an obligation free quote to remove and replace your clutch. Your quote will include, parts, labour, machining the flywheel (single mass flywheels) and GST, there are no hidden costs. Our highly experienced technicians give us the confidence to provide you with a 12 months / 20,000kms warranty on parts and labour and a 40,000kms warranty on parts.